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  • Liz Lindsay

With so many changes to the workplace, ID Protection could become a necessity.

As more employees and companies moving to remote work plans, identity and cyber protection may need to become a workplace necessity, rather than just a benefit.

In order to comply with stay-at-home orders, the majority of non-essential businesses had more than 90 percent of their workforce go remote. In the rush to ensure business continuity, many deprioritized cybersecurity. As the results of a recent IBM survey show, 52 percent of working adults surveyed indicated that they are now using their personal laptops for work—often without the proper tools to secure it—and 45 percent haven’t received any new security training.

In addition, many of the standard security settings and features used on corporate WiFi networks either don’t exist on the consumer level or are not easily set up – making them another point of attack for cybercriminals. With many companies considering moving their workforce remote for the foreseeable future, these gaps in cybersecurity will need to be addressed and providing identity theft and cybersecurity protection both in and outside office will be a key step in protecting your employees and your business. Providing employees with identity theft protection can help attract the right talent, boost company morale, and offer employees peace of mind.


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