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  • Liz Lindsay

A dangerous new keylogger has been discovered

Keyloggers make up the largest volume of unique phishing campaigns by malware type today and they continue to grow in both popularity and sophistication. A new keylogger called "Mass Logger" currently being tracked by security professionals is much more sophisticated than previous versions of keyloggers that we’ve seen.

The frightening difference is the fact that Mass Logger is being updated regularly, which makes it more difficult for antivirus programs to detect and remove it. To put that in perspective, Mass Logger was updated 13 times over the course of just three weeks.

Once the program is installed on your device, a crook can record everything that you type. That could include account credentials and other sensitive information.

Not only does Mass Logger keynoter have quick updates, it also has the function of reporting possible problems. In other words, an attacker could report bugs to the developer or request changes to make it more dangerous. This feedback causes the Mass Logger keylogger to be more sophisticated and complex than other varieties on the net.


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